NBODY6++ -- Features of the computer code

written by Emil Khalisi and Rainer Spurzem

Introduction to the scientific calculation of a self-gravitating N-particle system using the Nbody6++ code. Description of the general features of the Fortran code. Helpful for first-time users for getting involved. It is extensible and can be upgraded. Latest (4th) edition is available from Rainer Spurzem.

© 2003. pdf version 1.1, 38 pages. Format 14 x 21 cm.
© 2007. pdf version 3.1, ?? pages.
© 2015. pdf version 4.1, 58 pages.

Status: available
pdf format
The pdf version is free of charge
on request from the authors.
Contact: Emil Khalisi
or Rainer Spurzem

Contents (1st ed.):

  1. Introduction
  2. Code versions
  3. Getting started
  4. Input variables
  5. Thresholds for the variables
  6. How to read the diagnostics
  7. Runs on parallel machines
  8. The Hermite integration method
  9. Individual and block time steps
  10. The Ahmad-Cohen scheme
  11. KS-Regularization
  12. Nbody units
  13. References

see also:
Sverre Aarseth, who provides a book of 430 pages and various code versions.

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